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Cover Story, "A Special Way of Seeing: The Photographer As Artist" by Laverne Daley

Beauty is in the eye of the camera-holder. Old Victorian houses, rural landscapes or cows grazing in a field represent just simple settings to many people. To photographer Larry McPherson, they represent a relationship with nature. What's more, he captures a sense of that relationship on film, and using elaborate color printing methods, produces photographs that communicate an awareness of the relationship to others. McPherson, MSU assistant professor of art, performs that feat so well that his photographs have earned him a national reputation in the art world.

Also featured, "Black Vinyl and Blue Music" by Henry Bailey

Not all of Memphis State University's published individuals sport long-winded academic titles and scholarly theories with tortuous names. Some of them just sing the blues. They do it on recordings produced by MSU's own label, Highwater, and by so doing help the University not only to preserve a native sound that draws from roots a century old, but also to reap praise from reviewers across the globe.


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1984 Summer


Memphis State University; University of Memphis

Memphis State Magazine, 03:03, 1984 Summer