Submissions from 1994

Counseling experience and training offered by ESB-accredited programs. An update., B. Culpepper, L. L. Mendel, and P. A. McCarthy

Submissions from 1993

Successful recruiting strategies., M. I. Mendel and L. L. Mendel

Submissions from 1991

Stimulus presentation level and speech perception through a single-channel cochlear implant., L. L. Mendel and J. L. Danhauer

Submissions from 1990

Performance of 3M/house cochlear implant users on tests of speech perception., J. L. Danhauer, F. B. Ghadialy, D. L. Eskwitt, and L. L. Mendel


A sindscal analysis of perceptual features for consonants produced by esophageal and tracheoesophageal talkers, P. C. Doyle, J. L. Danhauer, and L. L. Mendel