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Master of Science


Leadership and Policy Studies


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Donna Menke

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Wendy Griswold

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Edith Gnanadass

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Karen Kitchens


Student-athletes as a subgroup on college campuses experience challenges related to their dual identities. Similarly, to their non-athlete peers, student-athletes face stress related to enrollment in addition to stressors related to athletic participation. The institution, individual athletic departments, and the NCAA govern participation in collegiate athletics, and have the ability to greatly affect the culture and experience of being a student-athlete. The combination of student and athlete identities imposes a need for this subgroup to be monitored and acknowledged by the overarching entity that is athletic departments. Although there are some models of best practices in supporting student-athlete mental health, the varying degrees of supports is call for concern. In a quantitative analysis, this study surveyed NCAA athletic department personnel from a variety of institutions. Using one-way ANOVA and multiple regression analysis’ to identify participant’s respective institution’s mental health supports, NCAA division, financial aid, and money allocation were evaluated. Participants included in this study mostly consisted of athletic academic staff and athletic administration through the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals listserv. The findings of this study presented a discrepancy between supports provided and NCAA division and money allocated. The study also found a significant difference between providing a support and mandating the use of supports.


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