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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engr

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Eddie Jacobs

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Aaron Robinson

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Alfredo Ramirez


Snapping shrimp are crustaceans that live in sponges or reefs on the sea floor. They produce a loud snapping sound from the collapse of bubbles formed by cavitation due to a jet produced by their large claw. These snaps are broadband, and are a large component of the underwater noise found in warm, coastal waters where the shrimp mostly live. These properties make them great candidates to be used as sources for a passive sonar system. However, large amounts of data collection for development and design testing for such a system using shrimp in either tanks or the wild is impractical. Therefore, an accurate simulation model that is capable of reproducing the essential physics of the environment and the sonar system is needed. To this end, a MATLAB based simulation was developed. A ray tracer that took environmental parameters and object meshes was developed to estimate sound propagation. Then using beamforming techniques, video and point cloud data were created for targets moving through an environment. This synthetic data can then be used to explore the design parameters of the system and to estimate the performance of the system.


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