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Emily Thrush


AbstractAlkhalaf, Shatha. Ph.D. The University of Memphis. May 2018. Professors and Students Perceptions about English as an International Language (EIL) in Speaking Instruction in Saudi Arabia. Major Professor: Emily Thrush, Ph.D.Driven by the critical period hypothesis (CPH), Kachrus (1985) World Englishes paradigm, and Krashens (1982) theory of second language acquisition (SLA), this study examined instructors and learners attitudes toward English as an International Language (EIL) speaking instruction in Saudi Arabia and whether exposure to EIL speaking instruction influenced participants beliefs. Participants consisted of 23 professors teaching in the Department of English at Qassim University and 30 Saudi undergraduate students majoring in English at Qassim University.A mixed-methods approach was employed. Quantitative data were collected using a Likert-scale survey, and qualitative data were collected using a semi-structured interview. For the survey, two questionnaires were employed, one for professors and one for students. Participants answered almost half the questions, watched a 4-min video, and answered the rest of the questions. The video exposed them to the concept of EIL to determine whether teaching EIL in speaking would influence their perceptions of English instruction in Saudi Arabia. To better understand the answers, two participants from each group were interviewed. Saudi professors and students had positive perceptions of EIL and were already aware of it as a concept. In addition, exposure to EIL speaking instruction had a slightly positive influence on their perceptions, supporting the study hypothesis.


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