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Background: Iron is an essential mineral required for multiple metabolic actions in precise concentrations to avoid oxidative toxicity. Recent evidence suggests a novel nutrient-sensitive myokine, erythroferrone, may also act as a systemic iron regulator. This pilot study aims to investigate whether the duration of regular fasting lengths prior to exercise influences erythroferrone and muscle iron uptake. Methods: C57BL6 mice were divided into 3 groups with feeding windows relative to exercise: 1) ad libitum; 2) 6 hour window immediately post-exercise; 3) 6 hour window 5 hours post-exercise. Mice were exercised 5 days per week (Monday-Friday) for 8 weeks. Quadriceps erythroferrone and transferrin receptor-1 was assessed via PCR. Soleus sections were stained with a modified Perls stain for iron content. Results: Erythroferrone and transferrin expression was not different between groups. Soleus iron content did not differ between groups. Conclusion: Fasting length prior to exercise does not seem to influence muscle iron content.


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