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Qiunan Zhang



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Doctor of Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

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Mark Gillenson

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Gary GD Donhardt

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Ankur AA Arora


The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry has garnered significant attention from society. AVs operate in a challenging environment and must uphold ethical principles throughout their operation. It is crucial to ensure that AVs exhibit strong ethical performance, which refers to the adherence to ethics requirements set by their development companies. Designers, developers, and testers play critical roles in AV development and in determining the ethical performance of AV. Individuals in the AV development team, however, may possess different ethics or differing levels of agreement with the ethics requirements for AVs. The correspondence between the ethics of individuals in development and ethics requirements for AVs could be regarded as person-organization (P-O) ethics fit. Therefore, our research question is: How does the person-organization (P-O) ethics fit influence the ethical performance of AV? This research primarily investigates the effects of the P-O ethics fit on the outcome of AV development. By conducting a comprehensive literature review and developing theoretical frameworks, we propose 10 hypotheses and a research model. The structural equation modeling (SEM) approach is applied to assess and estimate the model and hypotheses. The results show that the P-O ethics fit plays a critical role in determining the ethical performance of AV. The P-O ethics fit positively influences the ethical performance of AV through work-related attitudes, motivation, and organizational citizenship behaviors. The results also demonstrate that the P-O ethics fit profoundly affects motivation, organizational citizenship behaviors, innovative work behaviors, turnover intentions, and work-related attitudes. The limitations and theoretical and practical contributions of this research are discussed, and directions of future research are also provided.


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