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Lenny Schranze

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Marcin Arendt

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Janet K Page

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Ryan Fisher


This document provides arrangements of early music pieces for high school string players, including a string duo, trio, and two quartets. These works were created to fill the gap of missing early music pieces for young chamber players. The Appendix is a teaching guide which includes helpful materials which outline the difficulty level of the pieces, discuss a brief history of the composers, and provide a recording for each piece. The teaching guide also incorporates different instrumental options for the arrangements. For example, the instructor could have a string quartet play or could use a string orchestra depending on the needs of the classroom; additionally, if the orchestra class has only violins and cellos but no violas, an option is provided which adds a third violin part and omits the viola part of the string quartet piece. Each step of the recording process is documented in great detail. Categories in the recording process include sheet music, budget, sound engineering, musicians, the recording session, the recording process, and the editing process. Biographies of the sound engineer and the musicians are included in this document.


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Iam nubes dissolvitur

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In te Domine speravi

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Number 19 Aria Point Zero

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Responsory for the Virgin Point OG verb