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Religion’s relationship with the American post-modern art world could be classified as a tumultuous one, or as author of Art and Religion in the 21st Century, Aaron Rosen, states; “to judge simply by the headlines, it would seem that art and religion are headed for an apocalyptic showdown” (Rosen 9). The post-modern art world still uses Christian iconography but in many cases not for the sake of gospel proclamation and teaching. Because of this, the art world can often be defined by its opposition to Christian theology despite emerging from a religious parentage. Many churches also reject contemporary visual interpretations of biblical truths because of a reluctance to let go of ecclesiastically established symbols and a historical concern with the art world’s shifting morals. The focus of my work is to deconstruct the prejudices held by each group through the dissection and reimagining of past and present ritual objects within different environments. I seek continual re-enchantment and remembrance of the crucifixion and question where contemporary, theological artwork can reside.


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