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Criminal Justice

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Timothy McCuddy

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MK Webb

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Doyun Koo

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Mark Williams


This study aims to better understand the levels of understanding of Miranda rights amongst college undergraduate students who are studying criminal justice. By considering many factors like race, education, exposure, and confidence in understanding, this study looks to narrow down the components of Miranda rights that are misunderstood and what could be contributing to misunderstanding. The data were collected from a vignette style survey that measured various factors that could be contributing to the understanding or misunderstanding of Miranda rights. Results indicate that there are differences in Miranda understanding across different components of Miranda. However, results show that Black students have much lower odds of being correct on questions that gauge understanding of Miranda. This study will help the criminal legal system better understand the potential misconceptions of Miranda rights. Specifically, which components of Miranda are not being understood and what demographics of people are lacking comprehension.


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