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Master of Science


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Mohd. Hasan Ali

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Mohammadreza Dr. Davoodi

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Myounggyu Dr. Won

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Alexander Dr. Headley


Dynamic wireless charging (DWC) of electric vehicles can greatly reduce "short driving range" concern. There are two types of DWC systems, namely road coil to vehicle charging and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging. Lateral Misalignment (LTM) occurs when the primary and secondary coils fail to align properly. Conventional controllers cannot perform well in higher misalignment scenarios. In this work, a model predictive controller has been implemented to nullify the LTM effect on the road coil to EV system. For V2V-DWC charging, three different controllers, namely the PI controller, simple non-linear equation-based controller, and Fuzzy Logic Controller have been developed, to mitigate the misalignment problem. This work delves into a comparative analysis of these controllers to assess their effectiveness for different degrees of LTMs. The 5G communication has been considered for DWC process. The effectiveness of the proposed controllers has been demonstrated through extensive simulations performed by MATLAB/Simulink software and through hardware prototypes.


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