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Doctor of Philosophy



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Emily Srisarajivakul

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Randy G Floyd

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Jennifer Renick


This study aims to replicate, validate, and extend previous research on mattering in general education teachers. Specifically, this study sought to explore the psychometric properties of the Fundamental Elements of Mattering Scale for Teachers (FEMS-T; Wilfong, 2021). Participants completed demographic questions as well as questions related to their feelings of mattering as a teacher (N = 343). The study confirmed the factor structure of a streamlined 24-item FEMS-T, which exhibited better fit than the original 40 items identified by Wilfong (2021). The FEMS-T also demonstrated internal reliability and convergent validity with the Workplace Mattering Scale (WMS; Jung & Heppner, 2017). Examining measurement invariance, the scale demonstrated configural invariance for gender, age, and experience. However, the scale did not demonstrate metric or scalar invariance across groups, highlighting differences in how teachers who differ in gender, age, and experience conceptualize and experience the concept of mattering in schools. Limitations and implications for research and practice for teachers, administration, and school psychologists are discussed.


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