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Creative Writing

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Emily Skaja

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Emily Skaja

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Marcus Wicker

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Eric Schlich


In this poetry collection, I utilize my personal voice as the speaker and unpack the many experiences, situations, and people that have greatly impacted my life—in good ways and bad. The central point of this collection is my father—a narcissist who was prone to abusing family members. With that being the main theme of the collection, there are many different objects and locations that are used to explain traumatic instances from my past and present day. For instance, there are several “Portrait of My Father As…” and a few “Self-Portrait” pieces that identify the mirroring component of this collection. Though the speaker (me) can recall abuse from the past from the hands of the father, the speaker also gradually becomes more and more aware of the similarities between the speaker and the father. The speaker also goes through a journey in the collection by understanding how childhood trauma affected current day situations. This collection stands for female rage, overcoming abuse, and proclamation of self for the speaker and readers.


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