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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Ruth Williams

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Robin Roach

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Terezie Mosby


Objective: This study looked at caregivers', physicians', and nurses' preferences of types of nutrition support. Many cancer patients are given enteral or parenteral nutrition support because they cannot obtain nutrients orally.Design: This is a qualitative study which examined caregivers', physicans', and nurses' preferred type of nutrition support, feelings toward each type, goals regarding nutrition, and how the medical team could help meet those goals. Subjects: A total of 71 caregivers, physicians, and nurses from the hematopoietic stem cell transplant unit at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital were surveyed, of which were 17 males and 54 females. The ages ranged from 22 to 59 years old.Results: The results showed the majority of caregivers preferred parenteral nutrition over enteral nutrition, while most healthcare professionals preferred enteral nutrition over parenteral nutrition.Conclusion: Most caregivers do not know enough about the different types of nutritonal support to choose a preference.


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