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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Terra Lisa Smith

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Jaqueline G De Fouw

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Michelle L Stockton


Objective To determine the impact of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on body composition in urban southern college students.Design This study is a cross-sectional quantitative survey design evaluating the relationships among sugar-sweetened beverage consumption frequency, body mass index, and body fat percentage in urban southern college students while controlling for age, gender, and ethnicity and analyzed using Pearson correlations.Subjects Fifty-three subjects between 17 and 25 years of age were included in the study and were enrolled at the University of Memphis.Results This study revealed a significant linear relationship between sugar-sweetened soda and body mass index and body fat percentage in Caucasian students. Students were also found to consume a majority of sweetened beverages mainly in the form of fruit drinks, juice, soda, sweetened tea and sports drinks.Conclusion It would be beneficial for more long-term and large-scale research to be done to evaluate the impact of sweetened beverages on body fat percentage, incidence of overweight and obesity, and the health consequences that plague this nation as a result.


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