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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engr

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Thomas Edgar Wyatt

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Mohd Hasan Ali

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Philip K.S. Lim


Previous studies found that using remote signals can stabilize inner oscillation, so the research on wide area control in power fields has been taken seriously. However, communication delay is one of the inevitable problems when using wide area measurement system (WAMS) and it has adverse effects on control systems. This paper aims at explaining current research on communication delay in power systems and providing a new method to minimize negative effects brought by time delay. Simulation takes place on an IEEE nine-bus system using Matlab/Simulink software. Circuit breakers in the system are controlled by the optimal reclosing time (OPRT) method. Different types of faults and different time delays had been considered. The performance of the system considering time delays with and without the proposed predictor has been compared. From the simulation results, it is shown that the proposed predictor performs well in minimizing the negative effects of time delays.


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