Graduate school alumni donations to academic funds: Micro-data evidence


The giving profile of graduate degree alumni of a Carnegie-classified, U.S. "Doctoral Universities I" institution is investigated in this paper. For fund-raising purposes, the likely gift-giving alumni are males holding old vintage Doctoral, MBA or MS degrees; however, they neither received their second graduate degree nor earned their baccalaureate degrees at this institution. Graduate degree alumni have decreasing giving profiles for many years following completion of their first graduate degree but this decrease bottoms out later in life. It continues seven more years for alumni who earned a second graduate degree at the university. The "wealth-accumulation" effect of giving tends to dominate the "earnings-effect." Doctoral degree alumni have the highest giving profile among graduate school alumni. Racial desegregation of the university is positively and strongly related to alumni giving. Inferences of the giving profile of undergraduate degree alumni reported in past work do not extend to graduate school alumni. © 1996 American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Inc.

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American Journal of Economics and Sociology