Urinary pCO2 Monitoring System with a Planar Severinghaus Type Sensor


A urinary pCO2 measurement system with a miniature planar CO2 probe has been developed for monitoring pCO2 levels in the urine (U-pCO2) of catheterized septic shock patients. U-pCO2 may provide timely recognition of changes in the microcirculatory status of patients and used as an “early” warning of metabolic-cellular dysfunction. The utility of the U-pCO2 sensor has been demonstrated in monitoring experiments in a model bladder. The agreement between U-pCO2 values measured with the planar pCO2 probe and a commercial pCO2 probe in pooled urine samples projects the possibility of the implementation of the U-pCO2 measurement system for bedside monitoring.

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