Pn wave velocities beneath the Tanzania Craton and adjacent rifted mobile belts, East Africa


P wave travel times from regional earthquakes recorded by the Tanzania Broadband Seismic Experiment have been inverted for long wavelength (>100 km) Pn velocity variations beneath Tanzania using a generalized inverse algorithm. Pn velocities, on average, are 8.40 to 8.45 km/s beneath the center of the Tanzania Craton, 8.30-8.35 km/s beneath the terminus of the Eastern Branch of the rift system, and 8.35-8.40 km/s beneath the Western Branch. These velocities indicate that there are no broad (>100 km wide) thermal anomalies in the uppermost mantle beneath areas of rifting in Tanzania, and suggest that thermal anomalies present deeper in the mantle have not yet reached the base of the crust.

Publication Title

Geophysical Research Letters