Polymerization of functionalized diallyl quaternary ammonium salt to poly(ampholyte-electrolyte)


The quaternary ammonium salt, N,N-diallyl-N-carboethoxymethyl-N- carbomethoxypentylammonium chloride 13, on polymerization in aqueous solution using tert-butylhydroperoxide, afforded the polyelectrolyte 14. The copolymer 15 of the monomer 13 and sulfur dioxide was synthesized in excellent yield. The polyelectrolytes 14 and 15 on acidic hydrolysis gave the poly(ampholyte-electrolytes) 16 and 17 which contain structural features common to both polyampholytes and conventional polyelectrolytes. The solution properties of these polymers are discussed in detail. The poly(ampholyte-electrolyte)s, 16 and 17 are shown to have considerably higher viscosity than their corresponding polyelectrolytes 14 and 15. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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