Developing english language curriculum for online delivery


The E-Language Learning (ELL) project is an ongoing collaborative effort between the US Department of Education and the Chinese (PRC) Ministry of Education. Its pur-pose is to develop a free, online language-learning opportunity for students in the two countries. Developers in the US are now in the process of creating a program to teach English to the Chinese, while the Chinese are simultaneously developing a program to teach Chinese to English speakers. The authors, who served as the English language development team for the US in the initial stage, describe the curriculum development process for the program, addressing issues in meeting the challenges of developing oral/ aural proficiency in language using an online platform. These include making limited use of voice recognition technology for assessment, integrating cultural elements for the targeted audience, developing a program with optimal learning potential, and making the best possible use of technology that is both technically and financially feasible. The authors also include descriptions of clarifying learning goals and curriculum and providing means to track both in order to provide direction for program development, making careful research-based decisions to inform development, and providing careful and ongoing collaboration between technicians, content developers, and language educators.

Publication Title

CALICO Journal