Effects of a waking schedule on primary enuretic children treated with full-spectrum home training.


Examined the effects of adding a waking schedule to full-spectrum home training (FSHT) for primary enuresis. Twenty children received FSHT, and 17 children received FSHT plus a waking schedule. The groups did not reliably differ in average bedwettings per week in treatment and length of treatment. Also, the groups did not reliably differ with respect to proportion of treatment successes and proportion of relapses at 1-year follow-up. Further, across both treatment groups, 76% achieved a dry bed, and only 16% experienced a relapse by 1-year follow-up. Although results support the efficacy of FSHT, the beneficial effects of a waking schedule reported previously were not replicated. The findings suggest the need for closer examination of individual differences among children with primary nocturnal enuresis.

Publication Title

Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association