Obesity and overweight status health disparities among low-income rural Appalachian preschool children


This study's objectives were to estimate the prevalence rates of obesity and overweight among young, low-income children (N = 497) living in rural Appalachia and to compare these estimates with various national estimates. Across all weight categorizations (body mass indices [BMIs] ≥ 85th, ≥95th, and ≥97th percentiles for age and gender) the rates of high BMIs among Appalachian children significantly exceeded those of all comparison samples, with the odds of a high BMI (≥85th percentile) ranging from 1.29 to 3.92 times greater for young Appalachian children. Appalachian children's weight was unrelated to their gender or age. Children younger than age 5 years living in rural Appalachia are at risk for higher rates of obesity and potentially for the biopsychosocial consequences of obesity. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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Children's Health Care