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This is Peace Corps Faculty Paper No. 3. The material in "this paper was adapted from Chapter 4 of Agents of Change: A Close Look at the Peace Corps by David Hapgood and Meridan Bennett, with permission of the publisher, Little, Brown and Company. (Copyright ©1968 by David Hapgood and Meridan Bennett.) Additional material for this paper was supplied by Peggy Anderson." -- [p.2]

This faculty paper is concerned with issues of food supply and production in the world as it relates to food relief by the United States Government and Peace Corps efforts. It discusses efforts by Peace Corps volunteers in rural areas to help increase crop yield and food supply. It includes information on the issues faced y Peace Corps volunteers in trying to aid their chosen villages in their farming practices. Two cases of Peace Corps involvement are summarized to demonstrate Peace Corps activity, one case in India and another in Niger. The paper ends with a section on failed experiments and what the Peace Corps' efforts can look like in the future as projected in the late 1960s.


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