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This a Peace Corps faculty paper, no.5, written by a Dr. Seth Tillman who was at the time a staff consultant, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and Lecturer in European Diplomacy at the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. The paper is the edited observations and diary entries. -- [2]

"The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which I serve as staff consultant, sent me on extended visits to Peace Corps operations in Latin America in December 1966, and, in December 1968, to South Asia and the Near East. The Volunteers were always quite understanding of my project: not to evaluate the Peace Corps in cost-efficiency terms but to probe, in an impressionistic way, its meaning and purpose, its significance as symbol and instrument of a new kind of international relations. The first-person character of my observations in this article reflects the circumstances in which I gained my information and shaped my judgments. Descriptions of the slums and towns and countrysides which I saw in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Thailand and Iran might appear merely repetitious. For that reason, the detailed observations which I have included are drawn mainly from my contacts in Brazil and India." -- [3]


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