Nathan DeYonker


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Nate DeYonker received his B. Sc. in Chemistry with a minor in Astrophysics from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 2001. His PhD studies in computational and theoretical chemistry were completed in 2005 at the University of Georgia, under the direction of Prof. Henry F. Schaefer III. Dr. DeYonker then worked as a postdoctoral associate with Profs. Angela K. Wilson and Thomas R. Cundari at the University of North Texas. After a long stint as a staff Research Scientist at the University of Memphis, Dr. DeYonker was re-hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Fall 2016. Current research thrusts in his lab involve modeling the gas phase spectroscopy of inorganic astrochemicals, and improving visualization, reproducibility, and workflow in studies of enzymes and inorganic catalysts. Prof. DeYonker mostly spends his free time giggling with his daughter Patti.