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Carl E. Heinemann family papers, Special Collections Department, University of Memphis Libraries




Graduation photograph of Class 44-266 at the U.S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, California, 19 May 1944. Carl Heinemann is ninth from the left in the fifth row. Other men listed on the verso include: Grover T. Stradner, Osceola, Ark.; Paul Galden, Dyess, Ark.; Walter E. Cox; Frankey G. Williams, Jonesboro, Ark.; Homer W. Mitchell, Hot Springs, Ark.; Fred Lanie, Joiner, Ark.; Billie L. Murphree, 317 S. Pine Street, Little Rock, Ark.; W.L. Burns, Wilson, Ark.; Walter H. Chance, T2/c? M.M., Hamburg, Ark.; Terry W. Turner, Birmingham, Ala.; Grover C. Welch, Paragould, Ark.; Owen F. Hunter, Newport, Ark.; Travis C. Grissom, Wilson, Ark.; Avery J. Childs, Keiser, Ark.; Edward F. Moore, Electra, Tex.; Cellas Jess Anderson, Fort Worth, Tex.; Henry Prather, Werner, Tex.; John Schleiner, Jr., Dallas, Tex.; Pat. L. Goodwin, Seymour, Tex.; Doyle M. Gardner, Dallas, Tex.; T.H. Brown, Electra, Tex.; Jimmy Graves, Paris, Tex.; Truman E. Liles, Ben Franklin, Tex.; Kenneth Odellmartin, Whitesboro, Tex., Rt. 3; Lydle F. Brinkle, Osceola, Ark.; Wallace Shimn, Osceola, Ark.; Robert Ellis Dugger, Dallas, Tex.; Charlie Emmel, Longview, Tex.; William B. deYampert, Wilmot, Ark.; Tucker Bowen, Hot Springs, Ark.; Daniel Laper, Waco, Tex.; George Douthit, Electra, Tex.

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1944 May 19

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Class 44-266 list


San Diego Naval Training Station (San Diego, Calif.)