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1863 June 21, Letter from J. Edward James, Triune, Tennessee, to Lizzie James, Galena, Illinois.

Excerpt: "Well have been down to the picture gallery or rather tent. Robert had a single one taken and then I purposed to have a double one taken of him and me for the special benefit of the house hold which we did and send with compliments. Hoping you will all except the same. Leaving you to judge whether they are good or not. Mine which I enclose in this is for you. All say that it is a pretty good picture of me. You will let my friends see it of course. But you may take a little train to let the little "M"(?) over the river see it. But don't tell her I told you to. I should have had a standing up one taken but they cost and are not as good. Then if you think the one with Robert is enough for you, you can let sister Mary or some one else have it. I am so glad I have yours. I take delight in looking at it. "




1863 June 21


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Correspondents

1863 June 21, Letter from J. Edward James to Lizzie James