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1864 August 22, Letter from J. Edward James, Atlanta, Georgia, to Lizzie James Lamberson, Galena, Illinois.

Excerpt: "So you'd think I'd laugh if I could see you and Harvey well I took a good one any how. I just imagined and laughed the harder. And I assure you Lizzie nothing pleases me better or does me more good then to have such good accounts of your happiness and hope it may be lasting. Don't mind naysayers(?) but take all the comfort you can. And regardless of the past I have no doubt but that Harvey will ever be a true husband to you. I hope if ever any thing should come to mar your happiness you will not fail to let me know. As you will ever have my sympathy. I have often thought of writing Harvey and did intend to. Perhaps he has wondered why I haven't but what I write to you I know he hears and that is all that is needed. I give you both my best wishes of welfare. I wish he could get a business started among the soldiers (I mean a field gallery) there is a fine chance of making money."




1864 August 22


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Correspondents

1864 August 22, Letter from J. Edward James to Lizzie James Lamberson