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Letter from Jas. A. Matthews, Greenville, Mississippi, to Hon. B. G. Humphreys, Washington, D. C., 1918 February 2.

"This will serve as an introduction to my son, J. A. Matthews, Jr., who has been called to Washington by the Department, and from his letters I surmise he is a little lonesome, not being placed just where he thought he would be. It is recognized by either of the Banks of Memphis, as well as the jobbing houses, that he is truly an expert accountant. It was this Department that called him to Washington. This is not a 'chip off the old block' but an improvement. Any courtesies that you can show the 'kid' will be duly appreciated".

The correspondence in this collection deals mainly with Mr. Matthews’ dealings as a civilian employee government auditor and efforts by himself and others close to him, to secure Matthews a commission as a government auditor.




1918 February 2


Correspondence.; Accounting firms--Tennessee; Auditor.; United States. War Department. Division of Military Aeronautics.; World War I (1914-1918)

Letter, Jas. A. Matthews to Hon. B. G. Humphreys, Washington, D. C., 1918 February 2