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"Student Protests Bring Suspensions, 'New Dialogue'"

One hundred and five Memphis State University students have been given deferred suspensions and currently face state charges of trespassing as a result of a sit-in staged in the office of Dr. C.C. Humphreys April 28. It was the second such sit-in within a week, and—as was the case with the first sit-in the previous Wednesday-most of the students involved were members of the Black Student Association. The students arrested were protesting the presence of city police on campus.

"Project Will 'Record' TVA Story"

Memphis State University will soon begin the largest oral history research effort ever undertaken by a southern college or university. The purpose of the project is to explore in detail "the most significant event of the twentieth-century development of the Southeast area"— namely, the establishment and growth of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Through interviews with those responsible for its development, the TVA story will be recorded on magnetic tape for authors, historians and researchers of future generations.


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1969 May-June


Memphis State University; University of Memphis; University of Memphis (Memphis, Tenn.). Alumni Association.

The Columns, 1969 May-June