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University Archives, Special Collections Department, University of Memphis Libraries


Memphis State University football team during the 1960s. The image reads "The Team that Beat Ole Miss." Pictured are (l-r) Front row: P. Marks, D. Gordon, T. Shelley, R. Fratarcangelo, D. Berrong, R. Thurow, J. Todd, J. Bishop, R. Denof, B. Brundzo, R. Nunn, N. Papas, F. Skinner, P. Riley; Second row: H. Stubb, D. Dulac, F. Almon,B. Baxter, D. Brozak, F. Williams, F. Myers, F. Almond, B. Stanford, W. Stevens, C. Collins, K. Apple, J. Smith, L. Williams, B. Dees, J. Allen; Third row: D. Cockrell, J. Rush, C. Hodges, L. Frankenback,L. Wroblewski, R. Coady, P. Janssen, F. Blackwell, F. Holden, N. Hubert, R. Hubbell, L. Teixeira, R. Lay, D. Key, K. Hobbs, F. Fuder, C. Israel, D. Vaughn, A. Hotz; Back row: G. Maham, J. White, Ho. Covington, T. Padgett, L. Narramore, M. Dujncan, T. Wallace, L. Jones, D. Lotz, C. Pettit, A. Shipmon, G. Harte, L. Fernandez, F. Winkler, A. Dees, B. McRight, J. Rushing, and A. Brumit


Memphis State University--Football.; University of Memphis--Football.