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  • Davis, Jefferson, collection
  • Davis, Jefferson-Hayes, Joel Addison, Jr., family papers
  • De La Hunt family papers
  • Demetrio, Charles H., botanical notebooks
  • Derrick, H.B., papers
  • Donaldson, R.C., papers
  • Dunn, Winfield C., papers
  • Dyess Colony, Arkansas, collection
  • Edmonds, Major James E., collection
  • E.H. Crump Buggy and Harness Company records
  • Erdos, Paul, collection
  • Ettelson, Harry William, collection
  • Faulkner, John, collection
  • Felix, William H., collection
  • Ferguson, James K., diary
  • Fitzgerald, Mary Helen, letters
  • Fleet, Marrin T., collection
  • Fletcher and Martin families papers
  • Frank, Edwin G., collection
  • Frank family collection
  • Gardiner, Laurence B., collection
  • Gates, J. Jack, papers
  • Gattuso, Frank J., collection
  • Gordon, Anna B., collection
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  • Greaney, Devin, collection
  • Hale, Wiley Pope, letters
  • Hamner family collection
  • Harmon, Ann, collection
  • Harrison, Scott C., Bible
  • Heartman, Charles F., collection
  • Heinemann, Carl E., family papers
  • Henry County, Tennessee, collection
  • Hinson, Mary Ardenne, collection
  • Hollingsworth, Jane, collection
  • Holmes, Charles F., papers
  • Hudson, Murray, railroad collection
  • Humphreys, Ann Turner, Family Chronicle
  • Independence High School yearbooks
  • James, J. Edward, letters
  • Jehl, Winona, family records
  • Johnson, John Wright, collection
  • Johnson, R.E., papers
  • Johnston, Rufus J., collection
  • Jones-Black family papers
  • Jones, George M., collection
  • Jordan family papers
  • Karchmer, Alan, collection
  • Kayak Press collection
  • Knowlton, Steven A., research notes
  • Ku Klux Klan collection
  • Ledger collection
  • Lee, George Washington, collection
  • Locke, George W., family letters
  • Louisiana document collection
  • Lowenthal family papers
  • Lowrey, James H., collection
  • Loyal Tennesseans League records
  • Matthews, James A., collection
  • Mattox family collection
  • McCarthy family photographs
  • McCarver, Grover Edward, memorial collection
  • Memphis Board of Realtors multiple listing books
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  • Memphis Open Air Theatre collection
  • Memphis performing arts collection
  • Memphis Press-Scimitar newspaper morgue
  • Memphis Search for Meaning Committee records
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  • Memphis Typographical Union, No. 11, records
  • Memphis Umbrella Company records
  • Meriwether family papers
  • Merriam family collection
  • Messick High School collection
  • Mid-South Writers Association collection
  • Miles, Joseph, papers
  • Miller, Norris W., family collection
  • Miller, Pitser, papers
  • Miscellaneous nineteenth century documents
  • Montague, James E., collection
  • Montgomery Ward and Company catalog collection
  • Murphy, L.W. collection
  • Mutual Improvement Society minute book
  • Nashoba research files
  • Nelson, Lanphier and Company records
  • Nineteenth century photograph collection
  • Omlie, Phoebe Fairgrave, collection
  • O'Neal, Vance and Fultz family papers
  • Oral history collection
  • Ordman, Arnold, collection
  • Osborne, Bill, "DeSoto Times" columns
  • OUT Memphis collection
  • Palazolo, Salvatore J., collection
  • Peres family papers
  • Periodical image collection
  • Perry, Edmund Warren, Jr., collection
  • Petrucci, Kenneth R., papers
  • Pevahouse, Ron, collection
  • Pigot, Jean, collection
  • Plough, Abe, collection
  • Porter, James Davis, papers
  • Postcard collection
  • Powell, William Nowland Van, papers
  • Rhea, Joseph G., papers
  • Rhea, Margaret Jane, diary
  • Roane, Thomas W., papers
  • Robertson, Amanda Jane, diaries
  • Robinson, Mary Ruth, collection
  • Robison, Minnie Dickson, collection
  • Rolfes, Bernard A., papers
  • Roper, James E., collection
  • Rosenthal, David, papers
  • Ross, M.S., collection
  • Ryan, Florence Holmes, family collection
  • Saint, John C., papers
  • Scarbrough, George, collection
  • Sculle, Keith A., collection
  • Shaw, Patricia Walker, papers
  • Sheet music collection
  • Shelby County, Tennessee, collection
  • Shelley, Harold, collection
  • Ship chandler and commission merchant ledger
  • Shofner, Jean, collection
  • Simonton, Charles P., family papers
  • Sloan family papers
  • Smith-Buckingham papers
  • Snowden, R.B., family papers
  • Stahl, Ezra M., diary
  • Stanton, Griffin A., collection
  • Stephens, Lala A., collection
  • Stereograph card collection
  • Stewart, Alva W., collection
  • Stribling, Thomas S., collection
  • Sutter, Everett Lee, collection
  • Tappan, T.E., collection
  • Taylor, J.G., collection
  • Teen Appeal newspaper archive
  • Tennessee document collection
  • Tennessee State Board of Health letter book
  • Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, 2nd Regiment, record book
  • Tent City: Fayette and Haywood Counties civil rights collection
  • The Shemya Mailbag newsletters
  • Thomas, John C.Z., collection
  • Thornbery, Jerry, collection
  • Tucker, Agnes Wyatt, autograph book
  • Twentieth century photograph collection
  • Union Land and Improvement Company minute books
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredge logbooks
  • U.S.S. Cairo collection
  • U.S.S. Memphis collection
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  • Victorian Village photography project binder
  • Villa Land Company minute book
  • Voices of American Homemakers collection
  • Vosse family photographs
  • Wade, Bobbitt E., papers
  • Wagner, C.C., family collection
  • West Tennessee Historical Society collection
  • Whitman, Frank and Alfred, collection
  • Williams, Paul R., Project collection
  • Woodson family papers
  • Woollacott, Alfred, family papers
  • Woollard, L. Guy, papers
  • World War I collection
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  • Wynn, Lawrence and Sarah, collection
  • Yard, Marcelle, memory book
  • Zotov, George, memoir
Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike, 1968
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