Usability of E-government mapping applications: lessons learned from the US National Atlas


The purpose of this study is to assess user expectations of an E-government mapping application, the National Atlas, which displayed a broad range of thematic data. This paper reports the findings of a usability study of a federal E-government mapping application with 15 participants, which included 9 tasks and a survey. Participants’ experiences with other mapping applications via the Geoweb and location-based services made the tool appear outdated. Although participants understood the functionality of the application upon the completion of tasks, participants stated that they would be unlikely to use the tool unless prompted. As the Geospatial Web (Geoweb) grows in popularity and users’ expectations change, E-government mapping applications like the one in this study remain outmoded, static and require change to make open E-government geospatial data a reality for any novice user.

Publication Title

International Journal of Cartography