Children's Information Needs of a Patient Engagement System in a Hospital Room: Insights from Usability Testing in a Simulation Laboratory


Patient engagement systems are an emerging area in health information systems. These systems aim to involve patients in health care communication allowing them to access their electronic health records, order food, watch educational videos and play games. Little research has been performed on the information needs of children when using patient engagement systems. This poster presents the preliminary findings of a study which evaluated the usability of myStation, a patient engagement system in a simulated hospital room. In order to identify the information needs of children, we conducted think aloud interviews with 10 children ages 7-12. The findings of this study suggest that children expect more fun and entertainment-oriented features in patient engagement system design. They want to be provided with multiple options for customizing the interface and the ability to search for information rather than to browse. In addition, children want to have social media features when using a patient engagement system.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the ASIST Annual Meeting

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