Findings in Sport, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Event Management

Aims & Scope

Objective of FinSHEEM:
FinSHEEM seeks to be an outlet which assists individuals in the research and publishing process by providing timely and relevant feedback in an effort that leads to dissemination of research and ideas. Therefore, papers will be reviewed and receive feedback with the intent of improving the product in a timely manner. Published papers will be formatted and uploaded to the outlet's site on a rolling basis.

The research process is a worthwhile endeavor, and the dissemination of findings and supported ideas is a rewarding outcome. To that end, FinSHEEM seeks to assist individuals in improving their research, data presentation, and dissemination skills.

Any questions regarding FinSHEEM, including the objectives of the outlet, and research and submission process should be directed to Editor Cody T. Havard, Ph.D. at chavard@memphis.edu, Associate Editor Frederick G. Grieve, Ph.D. at rick.grieve@wku.edu, or Associate Editor Rui Qi, Ph.D. at rqi1@memphis.edu.